From national to international!​

Given the diversity of nationalities that, over the 13 editions of this Congress, have been part of our event, and stemming from the experience gained and contacts made during the World Summit on Art Education, held in Funchal in March 2023, it was considered pertinent to incorporate the term ‘international’ into the nomenclature, hence naming it the International Congress on Art Education. Consequently, we hope that this edition will bring new sharing experiences from outside Portugal, broadening the horizons of those working within and managing art education in our country.

The structure of this edition will closely resemble the previous one, organized into various types of sessions, with the primary aim of enabling the participation of all those interested in presenting their projects and research, while facilitating extensive discussions on the selected event themes and fostering sharing among the participants. Thus, the organization has chosen to maintain the dual system, both in-person and remote, wherein participants can choose between these two modes of registration:

a) In-person, providing full access to the programme, across various spaces that allow for the optimal execution of all activities in accordance with their respective characteristics.

b) Remotely, via the unified communication and collaboration platform ‘Microsoft Teams’, with a more condensed programme and fewer experimental offerings (workshops, publishing fair, and artistic moments).

See more information about each of the modalities in the links below:

In summary, the XIV International Congress of Artistic Education will be organized in a way that allows interested parties to choose the registration method that best suits their situation: if they are in Madeira or can travel here and want to have access to the entire experience face-to-face and varied, theoretical and practical, you must opt ​​for the face-to-face regime; If you are outside Madeira or are more interested in the more theoretical program (plenary sessions and free communications) and less experimental workshops, you can opt for the distance learning option which will give you access to an adapted program.