Schedules, trips and accommodation

The International Congress on Art Education will be a hybrid conference and, although we wish to receive as many people as possible in Funchal, we are aware that some of you will join us virtually.

For those who will join us here, on the main island of the Madeira archipelago, we leave some information that you should take into account.


When booking your trips, transfers or other personal plans, please ensure that your arrival and departure times allow you to make your presentation on the day and time scheduled. Whether you plan to attend the conference virtually or in person, please make sure you calculate any time difference accurately. Madeira Island has Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) / Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +0, i.e. the same time as London.


To get to Madeira Island you need to come by plane. It is the only means of transport that, at the time, makes the connection between our island and the rest of the world. Therefore, there are several airlines that operate with Madeira. On the Madeira Airport website, you can find out which one best suits your destination.

To make your transfer between the airport and the center of Funchal, you have a few alternatives at your disposal. You can check here the list of public transports that we have available and even schedule in advance what to choose. If you prefer to rent a car during your stay, Madeira Airport has several rent-a-car services available that can help you with this service.


Being a tourist location, Madeira Island offers many alternatives in terms of accommodation. We advise you to choose the one that best suits you through the Booking platform.

Below we provide a brief list of accommodation suggestions. This information was collected through the platform, taking into account aspects such as the type of event, availability on the dates (of the event and at the time of search), proximity to the congress venue, and guest ratings. Many of the suggestions presented are privately managed and can accommodate more than one guest at a similar value, suitable for groups. These data do not invalidate a personal search, using the location ‘Escola Básica Dr. Horácio Bento de Gouveia, Estrada da Liberdade, Funchal’ as a reference, applying other preference filters.